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At the intersection of medicine and technology, a new paradigm is emerging: one where innovation revolutionizes risk assessment, healthcare practitioners reclaim time to connect with patients, and prevention becomes the beacon guiding a new standard of care.

In this burgeoning era, Bruin Biometrics LLC delivers on the promise of medical technology with solutions that make proactive, targeted, and customized approaches to healthcare possible. We harness the power of innovation and place it in the hands of healthcare practitioners to help them transform quality of care and quality of life for patients and their loved ones.

Prevention is more than a philosophy. It’s a movement—and Bruin Biometrics LLC is at the forefront. Powered by objective, intelligent, and actionable data, we are collaborating with researchers, healthcare practitioners, and institutions to modernize care pathways and change lives for the better. Together, we are making prevention real.

The foundation of Bruin Biometrics LLC is anchored by three pillars. Each represents a core element that represents the mission and values of Bruin Biometrics LLC.

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Innovative Technology

Using technology to modernize and improve delivery of care to modernize care pathways

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Collaborative Approach

Empowering healthcare practitioners and institutions to improve their experiences and patient outcomes

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Evidence-based Results

Ensuring scientific rigor and actionable results support everything we do

Bruin Biometrics LLC work on SEM Scanner has been recognized with a Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award and a Health Service Journal Best Product or Innovation for Patient Safety Award.

Bruin Biometrics LLC is based in Los Angeles and maintains a European office in Manchester, UK.

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