What’s new at BBI? – Announcing additional functionality for the Provizio® SEM Scanner

We are delighted to announce the release of additional functionality for our Provizio SEM Scanner: the first hand-held, wireless PI/PU risk assessment device with data transfer capabilities.

Customers can now have the choice of an integrated fixed head or a single-use sensor Scanner, allowing customers to select their preferred purchasing methodology: capital purchase for the Fixed Head version with an integrated sensor or for the Sensor Head version, the option to receive the hand-held device and Charging Hub on consignment for free and only pay for the use of the single-use sensor heads. We have found that this makes the cost of use considerably easier to manage than trying to obtain funding from capital funds.

Plus, in order to further support the ease of use of the Provizio SEM Scanner a bar code scanner function has been added to the device – able to scan patient or chart bar codes in 1D or 2D. The device scans and collects patient data in real-time, site-by-site and patient-by-patient. With this updated version of Provizio SEM Scanner, when placed in the Provizio Charging Hub, the collected data automatically transfers to the comprehensive Gateway Dashboard for patient, ward and facility management purposes. As all data is collected and stored in a secure, digital format, managing and reporting is easier and faster.

For more information on our new functionality, visit the <a href=”https://sem-scanner.com/product/”>Product Zone</a>.

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