Prevention Solutions

Bruin Biometrics LLC is engaging and collaborating with healthcare professionals and industry thought leaders to explore how science and innovation advance healthcare through preventive solutions.

It is the purpose of Bruin Biometrics LLC to modernize care pathways through developing and collaboratively integrating new-to-the-world biometric-sensor based medical devices. Below are just a few of the preventative solutions Bruin Biometrics LLC is committed to.

Pressure Injuries/Ulcers

Introducing Provizio® SEM Scanner, the first hand-held wireless scanner with intelligence inside, for fast and easy Pressure Injury/Ulcer (PI/PU) risk assessment and the only SEM Scanner that acts as an adjunct to routine clinical skin assessment. Digitally enhance the patient care pathway with built-in data transfer for enhanced insight and PI/PU risk identification, five days* earlier than visual skin assessment.1

In clinical practice since 2014, the new Provizio SEM Scanner has, in preliminary laboratory testing, shown the same precision as the previous SEM Scanner 200 model.2

* Median
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In the US, the demand for primary total hip arthroplasties (THA) and total knee arthroplasties (TKA) is estimated to grow to 600,000 and 3.5 million procedures a year respectively, by 20301. If the historical growth trajectory of joint replacement surgeries continues, demand for primary THA and TKA among patients less than 65 years old is projected to exceed 50% of THA and TKA patients of all ages2.

As a preventative solution, Bruin Biometrics LLC is in the process of developing OrthoSonos, an Acoustic Emission (AE) based joint health monitor for natural and artificial joints.

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Pressure Injury/Ulcer Prevention Registry

Bruin Biometrics LLC has sponsored the development of a global Pressure Injury/Ulcer Registry. This Registry is the first of its kind in pressure injury/ulcer (PI/PU) to provide a global database and is an ambitious collaborative opportunity between Bruin Biometrics LLC, manufacturers of the Provizio SEM Scanner, academics, researchers and tissue viability/wound care specialists all over the world. Its primary objective is to improve the quality of care delivered to patients at risk of developing PI/PUs. Bruin Biometrics LLC is committed to achieving full prevention of PI/PUs and understand that the right clinical strategy and allocation of resources is critical to achieving the goal of prevention.

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