Pressure Injury/Ulcer Prevention Registry

The global Pressure Injury/Ulcer Registry is a web-enabled data capture system and, thanks to its structured datasets, registers and analyzes outcomes that will benefit both hospitals and alternative care settings such as Community/Post-Acute and End of Life care. As a ‘hypothesis generator’, the Real-World Evidence entered by clinicians is intended to be used as a resource for quality analysis, self-appraisal and public education through the publication of clear and defined outcomes. The data will also provide participants with essential evidence to support their appraisals.

It has its own URL through which clinicians can access to conduct research initially around 3 study groups:

1. What is the predictive capacity of risk assessment methods (for example Norton, Waterlow, Braden and Purpose T) and do the specificity and sensitivity levels of current risk assessment tools (and their sub-components) make it mathematically impossible to achieve full prevention?

2. What evidence supports the 5-step approach (SSKIN) in treating and preventing Pressure Injuries/Ulcers (PI/PUs) and which products are effective at reducing PI/PU incidence?

3. What can Provizio® SEM Scanner readings teach us about the efficacy of the care pathway? Can the Provizio SEM scanner, in conjunction with the current Standard of Care, help in reducing PI/PUs?

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