Fannon Announcement

Since 2015, Fannin Healthcare has successfully represented BBI (Europe) Limited (Bruin Biometrics) across Ireland in the promotion and sale of the company’s SEM 200 Scanner.

“Fannin has done a fantastic job in promoting the SEM 200 Scanner and has raised awareness of the need to identify earlier, specific areas of a patient’s body at increased risk of pressure ulcers to drive improved patient outcomes and significant cost savings” said Colin Priestley, Managing Director, BBI (Europe) Limited (Bruin Biometrics).

With effect from Wednesday 6th February, the working partnership between both companies will dissolve and Arjo will become responsible for the sale, promotion and support of the SEM 200 Scanner under the terms of a Joint Marketing Agreement established in August 2018 for all UK countries excluding Ireland. The agreement will be extended to include all Ireland regions with immediate effect.

Fannin Healthcare and BBI Europe Limited (Bruin Biometrics) would like to thank all customers who have engaged in the effort to utilise innovative technology to help reduce pressure ulcer incidence and improve patient outcomes.

David Rodgers, Fannin’s Medical Devices Business Director stated, “We wish to thank Bruin for their support and wish them success in their endeavours in the Irish market.”

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